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Our award-winning 12-month accelerated learning programme that develops talented, dynamic Medical Writers at Ashfield Health – providing you with the first step in your career in medical communications

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Medical Writers.

Aspiring Medical Writers selected to join our bespoke programme receive award-winning training and mentoring, enabling you to fast-track to become a Medical Writer within 12 months. The programme provides you with a wealth of opportunities, helping you develop a network of contacts around the business, and gain a true understanding of what we do and why we do it.

What is a Medical Writer?

Building skills,

defining careers.

allegro is focused on finding and developing exciting new talent, providing personalised and supportive training for those who wish to build a career in medical communications.

The programme builds on your individual strengths, preparing you for joining our dynamic and diverse teams at Ashfield Health, where scientific expertise and creativity come together at the forefront of our industry.

allegro invests in people, providing fast-track career progression – we’ve had over 150 new writers join the business, with a number promoted to Senior Medical Writer within two years. 

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What makes us different?

The allegro programme offers interactive and unique training to aspiring Medical Writers, allowing you to develop in a unique team environment and build your experience within our 1,400 strong team across a wide range of therapy areas.

Established in 2018, we are one of the industry’s leading talent development programmes, operating in the UK and USA.

allegro prepared me to be successful in medical communications. Be it the first two months of classroom-based learning (I soon realised that I had no idea how to use PowerPoint effectively) or the two 5-month rotations in agency, through allegro I gained invaluable experience working with several teams across various therapy areas.

Danny Hawker, Senior Medical Writer and allegro alumnus

How does it work?

The fast-track programme is designed to develop you as a Medical Writer in 12 months.

Initially you’ll focus on ‘core-skills training’, where we provide focussed training and the opportunity to practice your skills in a ‘safe’ environment.

Next, two five-month guided placements within our Ashfield Health teams allow you to experience real-life account work where you’ll work with both medical affairs and publications teams, allowing you time to experience both aspects of the role.

Supported by the allegro team and your mentor throughout, you’ll experience what life is really like working as an Associate Medical Writer.

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What does the training involve?

The programme and content are at the cutting edge of medical communications; we work with all Ashfield Health agencies to ensure that the training and experiences we deliver provide you with strong foundations to help you excel in your career journey.

Watch ‘A day in the life of a Medical Writer’ to hear from those who have been through the programme!

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The team.

Our team has a wealth of experience – between us we have over 40 years’ experience in medical communications. We are invested in mentoring and developing new writers and would love to hear from you!

We are part ofsomething bigger.

Ashfield Health is a new network built for today, where a global mindset meets individual depth and specialism. Together with our family agencies, we create inspiring, life-changing solutions to achieve new realities for our clients. Together, we exist to make it matter.

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